Spring It On! Your March Horoscope

Buckle up, huns, and get ready to feel mega this month with the help of your March horoscope. Whether you’re searchin’ for some srs inspo to kick start your month or just lookin’ for some guidance from our trusty cosmos, you’re gonna be ready to slay this month, girl! Read on to find what your horoscope sign has in store for you, we’re sure it will put a new spring in ya step! 

Get ready for some srs R&R, Aries, but not too much! According to your Aries monthly horoscope, we predict you’re gonna need to reboot before you start any plans! Whilst you’re thinking BIG when lookin’ to shape your future, be careful not to get too overwhelmed with the planning and don’t let your feels get the best of you! When the full moon lands on March 9th, you’ll be raring to start your new endeavours. Since this is your *official* start the new year, brace yourself for your debut, babe, ‘coz there’s gonna be all kinda fireworks! Don’t be datin’ for the fun of it though and take care when swiping right on Tinder. We’ve got a feelin’ you’re about to up your dating game and go for quality over quantity.

Feeling...sociable? You should be! We predict March is THE perf’ time to put yourself out there and put those networking skills to good use. Even though some of the plans you’ve been dreamin’ of may be delayed, this is a great time to tie up any loose ends and prepare yourself for a totally vibey month in April. So, don’t be put off by any knock backs, ‘coz you’re about to leave your comfort zone whether you like it or not! Since Venus (the planet of looooove) is in your sign this month, according to our forecast, love is gonna be in the air! Whether you’re celebrating a better-late-than-never Valentine’s Day with a bae or got an upcomin’ Tinder date, you’ll be feelin’ all kinds of magic this March!

Get ready to chase your dreams this month, Gemini, because we have a feelin’ this is a great time to lay down the groundwork for achieving your plans. Watch out for any conflicts that may arise this month, babe, as you don’t want any confrontation distracting you! Feelin’ the love? If you’re in a long term relationship, be prepared for your emotions to go even deeper as you connect more spiritually than you ever have before. If you’re single or tryna recover from a recent heartbreak, we recommend avoiding the dating game and steering well clear from Tinder as you’re unlikely to meet your dream match.  

Did someone mention a vacay? We have a feelin’ you’re gonna be a srs flight risk this month, babe, so get ready to spread your wings! Now’s a great time to travel so whether you’re getting together with your bestie, planning a travel trip with your squad or need a well deserved solo retreat, don’t be afraid of delving into your wallet. Don’t take too much time relaxing though, hun, we recommend taking time to make a list of your goals and dreams. It's less overwhelming and is sure you keep you focussed when life gets in the way! Still stressed about finding a beau? Get ready to mingle, with Venus lightening up your love life this month, it’s a great time to connect with a friend of a friend or have a try at online dating. You’ve got this!

Wonderin’ what your Leo horoscope has in store for you this month? Well, get ready to practice self-love, spend time embracin’ your own thoughts and fully let go of whatever you’ve been stressin’ about. We recommend confiding in a friend or SO to halve the problems and allow you to take a step back from your responsibilities. Single girls, make sure you’re takin’ care in selecting the right date, but try not to over analyse! After all, dating is supposed to be fun, babe. Got a long term, bae? Get stuck into a big project, like decorating or making home improvements, for a chance to bond and have fun. Don’t get too carried away with work, make sure you enjoy some quality time and take time to visit that new bar that’s just opened!

Get ready to feel all kindsa’ love when it comes to dating this month, Virgo. Your Virgo love horoscope is putting you on top form for meetin’ your dream match (or at least gettin’ you a few dates) so we hope you’ve got your heart eyes at the ready. This month is the perf’ time to embrace the season and give your appearance a fresh AF upgrade, whether you’re lookin’ for a new ‘do or wanna switch up your style, we reckon you’ll be scoring major love points! Whilst you’re feelin’ springy, make sure you focus on yourself and well being. Why not try out a new hobby or join that gym class you’ve been putting off? Since this is totally your month, babe, whatever you try won’t leave you feelin’ blue!

Been waitin’ for your Libra horoscope? We’ve got you, girl. Whilst you’ve not had the easiest start to the year, with Spring around the corner, we predict you’ll be feelin’ a lil more fresher once this month is over. Get ready to ditch the distractions and focus well n’ truly on yourself! Whether you’re in need of a spa day with your squad or just need some alone time, you’re about to start a journey of self-improvement, babe. Love or lost? Your love life may be up in the air, so is there any wonder you’re feelin’ an onslaught of emotions?! Don’t worry though, try to relax and avoid putting too much pressure on your partner as it may cause further tensions. Put your energy into starting a new hobby or side hustle instead, as it could reap some great benefits! Work it, babe! 

Feelin’ super creative and on top form this month, Scorpio? We thought so! Whilst your social life may have had a bit of a knock back recently, you’ll be ready to switch on your socials and put yourself out there this month. Make sure you reconnect with friends and catch up with family, whether you’re just grabbing coffee or fancy somethin’ a lil stronger, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve missed them. It should come as no surprise that you may find concentrating on work a lil hard this month, but that’s only ‘coz your social life is thriving. Don’t worry, though! Once Aries season starts halfway through the month, you’ll be back to feelin’ like a total boss babe! 

Whilst you’re usually searchin’ for adventure, according to your Sagittarius horoscope, March is a great time for really making sure you focus on furthering your career and focussing on your goals! It might have been international women’s day this month, but now could be a good time to make up with a man in your life who you haven’t always got on with. Now is YOUR time for making big changes in your life. If you’re focussing on a project or lookin’ to start a new hobby - DO IT. Your financial prospects are lookin’ pretty sweet too, Sagittarius, but make sure you stay savvy! With this month being all about you, there won’t be much time for focussing on your romantic life RN, but you may find someone who’s been extra supportive could be catching your eye. Who says mixing business with pleasure is a bad thing? 

Stuck in your old routine that you’re just desp to get out of? Since March is all about embracing the new, your Capricorn horoscope is about to have you oozing confidence to start your next venture and take some risks! Whilst the boring stuff, like finances and money, will bring you back to reality, it’s a short price you have to pay for personal growth, right? Grab a notebook (and a sparkly pen) and write down all your goals you want to achieve! Try not to get too caught up in the tiny details, take some time out and get back in the dating game! Whilst you’ll be feelin’ more switched on when it comes to finding love, make sure you’re embracing all kinds of weird and wonderful. Leave your comfort zone this month, Capricorn, you never know, it might pay off!

Active Aquarius? According to your Aquarius horoscope, you’ll be about to act on those plans you’ve been thinkin’ up and reinventing your goals for this year, but remember it’s best not to race to the finish line! You might be tempted to cheat your way to the end goal, so keep in mind that patience is gonna be key. Since we’re all about new starts this season, if you’ve been having trouble in paradise, it could be the time to make an important decision regarding your love life. It could be time to set your sights on somethin’ new! Keep your friends close this month, Aquarius, and make sure you’re trusting your gut when it comes to making any decisions based on trust. This could be the warning you’ve been waiting for.

Happy Birthday, Pisces! It’s official, your party season has officially begun, so get ready to dial up the sass this month! Even though you’ll (probably) be feeling on cloud nine this month, you may be faced with some unexpected drama, so be sure to bite your tongue! Go easy on yourself this month, and be mindful to stay away from any drama since you’re going through your own transition. Why not try meditating, Pisces? Don’t worry, babe, it won’t all be doom and gloom this month. You could be feeling extra playful this month as your social calendar is gonna be all booked up, so grab a drink and get ready to socialize! You’ve got this, babe!

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