Bandage Dresses

Bandage dresses were first designed by Herve L.Leroux (Herve Leger) with the full awareness of the female body. Leroux, made these days’ fashionable and trendy fabrics made from bandages for showing and making the most of a female body shape. And guess how did he invent this fabric? It all started on 1985. When Leroux saw the waste panties’ elastics, he thought of using them for good. And this lead to a fabulous trend, named bandage dresses. After that the trend came to life with other designers using and redesigning the idea. This way the iconic fashion style is still being worn by women with passion. There’s no doubt that the Hollywood beauties owe a bit of their sexiness to Herve Leroux ;-)

How to wear a bandage dress?

If you have the ideal body shape, of course you can wear a bandage dress and look perfect. These dresses have the ability to show your body way much better than how it is and that’s why I think that they should be in everybody’s wardrobe for the very essential times. The only tip on these wonderful designs is about choosing the one which fits you the most and shows your bodylines without any false shades. This means that the dress’s height, breast and neckline shape, the amount of it wrapping your body, the sleeves form and other specifications should be designed and decided due to your leg height and body shape.

Where can I find a bandage dress?

Bandage dresses are now not just a Herve leger deign and are designed by most of the famous and high quality brands like femmeluxefinery. So take a look at our gallery and find your very own and beautiful bandage dress among these beauties.

The best examples in celeb’s world

Well here is my top 5 among the celebs which wore the bandage dresses perfectly.

1- Paris Hilton: actually I’m not a big fan of this girl but well, I can’t deny that she carried the red and white bandage dress perfectly on her and was dazzling everyone’s eyes.

2- Megan fox and her sea green bandage dress is also one of my most favorites. Of course she can wear anything with that perfect body and look wonderful but this one was a self-exceed even for her!

3- Number three isn’t a celebrity but is a bandage dress by itself! The silver Herve Leger design bandage dress which has been worn by many celebrities including Adriana Lima (my most favorite among those wearing the dress), Vanessa Hudgens and many other celebrities.

4- Miranda Kerr and her Red bandage dress was also an imaginary style in the real world!

5- Lady Riri’s cute pinky bandage dress and her fantastic figure in the dress.

The worst examples in celeb’s world

The ones which you really shouldn’t follow are Katy Perry and Leona Lewis! So sad to name them in the yuck list but Katy’s not so fitting breast part orange bandage dress was a disaster according to her all-time charismatic style. And Leona’s wow! What did you do with yourself! The bustier belt over a body wrapping purple bodycon bandage midi dress was meaningless. And hey what’s wrong with her? The dress height and shoes combined with it was also terrible!

Well girls… I don’t think that this is enough for you so the rest of the article on rules of fashion and styling is in our blog for you. Just visit our blog for more…


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