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Here is the last years’ trend “bodycon dress” styling for you. What is a bodycon dress? How should we style up a bodycon dress? What are the tips and rules for wearing a bodycon dress for each body style? Read the article and you’ll learn these all.

What is a bodycon dress?

First of all, let’s answer the question “what is a bodycon dress?”. Bodycon means fitting the body just right with a slightest sagging or being oversized. And a bodycon dress is a one-piece dress which wraps your body from both sides of your breasts down to the bottom sides. Bodycon dresses typically have 3 length forms: mini, midi and maxi

Bodycon dresses are mostly made of lycra and polyester mixture so that they can stay firm and straight on your body. These tight dresses can be worn all day long if combined with the right accessories on top of being used as night dresses.

Tips and rules

Wearing a bodycon means self-confidence and brave expression but for avoiding fashion disasters you’d better pay attention to the rules of wearing them and combine them correctly. This means choosing the right shoes, tights, belts, jackets and jewellery. Choosing the right underwear is also very essential. Due to the dress’s tight form, your underwear easily can be seen and deform your look, so wearing the right underwear is more important than ever. As these dresses are very solid and have a one-piece harmonic look, you should be careful with your panties stripe marks being seen from under your dress.

Corsets are in

Before wearing a bodycon dress, guarantee your perfect look by wearing a tight corset under your dress. A firming supporter corset under a nice bodycon dress can make you look godly and divine.

Who can wear a bodycon dress?

Bodycon dresses can make any imperfection and deformation of your body visible. So the first step here is to accept your body imperfections and love your body under any circumstance. After it, you can try to fix them to some amount by wearing supporters. The remaining problems are all the beauty of your body and are admirable if you accept them yourself. So let’s talk about body shapes and making them look their best in a bodycon dress:

Hourglass body shapes

A woman who has an hourglass body is the one with equal breast and booty size and a smaller waist. The size doesn’t matter, whether you’re wearing small or large size, if you have the above specifications, a bodycon dress is perfect for you and you have an ideal body for such a dress.

Pear body shapes

women with pear body style, have small breasts but big booties. Women with this kind of body shape would better wear enlarging bras to make a balance between their upper and lower body sizes for wearing a bodycon dress. Strapless and high slit bodycon dresses are best for this body types

Apple formed bodies

Women with this body forms have wide waists, big tummy and same size booties. For wearing a bodycon with an apple shaped body you’d better wear a tight lower body and tummy tuck corset. This way, you’ll achieve a better look but normally, bodycon dresses aren’t very suitable for this body shape.

Upside-down triangle

Upside-down triangle or heart body shaped women’s figure is big breasts and narrow waist and booties. Bodycon dresses can look very sexy on these bodies, but my recommendation is to wear a bandeau tight bra and an enlarging booty corset for getting a better result. Long sleeved bodycon dresses with an open back are best for this body types.

Check out our figure-hugging bodycon dresses that will make sure your curves are showing in the right places, designed to enhance your figure and perfect for flaunting what you've got! If it's super sexy glamour you're after, we've got the perfect bodycon dress for you. Whether you go for basic jersey bodycon dresses and mix in all the added extras to dress it up or go for an all-out sequin dress to get all eyes on you, it's definitely a bodycon dress your wardrobe needs. Keep it simple in a block colour or go bold in that perfect floral print - whatever the occasion, bodycon dresses are the go-to!

No matter what sort of style you are into the latest and ever updating bodycon styles at femme luxe is enough to keep you on trend and in the game all year round. If you prefer the longer sophisticated lace styles or maybe a sequin mini, these cheap and affordable bodycon dresses. Here at femme luxe we aim to bring you the best quality of the latest styles in comfy fits and at the cheapest price we can because unlike anyone else, we understand a lot of you are clever enough to prioritise your life and sometimes that means putting treats at the bottom of the list, however, that no longer needs to be the case. The cheap bodycon dresses here at femme luxe are sure to leave you gobsmacked when you realise you could treat yourself to a new banging bodycon every day of the year and still have wages left over with ease!

Bodycon Midi Dress

If you prefer the more reserved style then why not choose to opt for one of our Black Lace Cami Wrap Front Dress or maybe even a slightly seductive Red Front Twist Bodycon Midi Dress. Both of these hot bodycon dresses are ideal for formal occasions such as work gathering, nervous first dates or weddings with they’re curvaceous style and simple design. Everything you could expect from your perfect bodycon dress can be found in one of these as we certainly we aware to have them both in many colours!

Maybe you would prefer a more sleek and sexy style so why not indulge yourself in something like our Red PU Mini Bodycon Dress. Maybe even take a plunge into our Charcoal Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress. Both of these hot up and coming bodycon dresses are high in demand and amazing quality so why not bite the bullet this payday and treat yourself.

bodycon dresses

Every girl deserves the perfect bodycon dress in there next wardrobe update so don’t get left behind this year by missing out. We even have the perfect unique in between styles in bodycon dresses such as the Khaki Bardot Ribbed Dress with Ruffle Detail or the Black Suede Tie up Dress. These original looking designs are the perfect bodycon no matter what the occasion with such a plain appearance sometimes less really is more when it comes to this season’s best bodycon dresses!

cheap bodycon dresses

Keep on scrolling through the see of cheap bodycon dresses and styles to find the one that’s perfect for you and why not teal it up and experiment with some of our fave combos, including our ostrich feather coats or some killer heels.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with one of our ever in trend new style bodycon dresses!

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Mustard Belted Bodycon Midi Dress - Angelica

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Nude Wired Cut Out Bodycon Dress - Sky

Nude Wired Cut Out Bodycon Dress - Sky

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Black Wired Cut Out Bodycon Dress - Sky

Black Wired Cut Out Bodycon Dress - Sky

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Hot Pink Wired Cut Out Bodycon Dress - Sky

Hot Pink Wired Cut Out Bodycon Dress - Sky

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Mustard V Neck Wrap Mini Dress

Mustard V Neck Wrap Mini Dress - Stacey

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Brown Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress

Brown Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress - Michelle

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Pink One Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Pink One Shoulder Bodycon Dress - Rosa

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Grey Cable Knit Jumper Dress - Winter

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Yellow Lace Bodycon Dress - Blaire

Yellow Lace Bodycon Dress - Blaire

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Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress - Angelica

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Pink Bardot Bodycon Dress

Pink Bardot Bodycon Dress - Montana

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Red Bardot Bodycon Dress

Red Bardot Bodycon Dress - Montana

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