Are knitwear only suitable for cold winter days? Are they only made for keeping you warm? Is it impossible to wear them on summer parties? if no then how can we do it!? How can someone wear a knitwear on hot summer days without looking dumb? Read the article to learn how…

Seasonally changing fashion

First of all, I should give an answer to the questions above. The answer is simple. NO! But well can we deny that knitwear is best for Santa’s cold winter days? again No! so these cute and trendy pieces are the best for winter days and are well-known for keeping you warm. But it’s not their one and only duty! The first and most important task they have is to make you look stylish! And this is why we have different models and styles of knitwear. Does a knitted crop top keep you warm with an open belly? No it doesn’t! Can you wear a gold metallic knitted dress for an outdoor Christmas party? Nope you can’t! so what can you do and how can you style them up? Here you are the main styling rules of knitwear…

Winter style

Long sleeved bardot knitted dresses, tops and jumpers are like shouting the name of winter their looks. It’s obvious that you can’t wear them even as giving a try in summer or even spring days (unless you don’t leave in Siberia). A pair of leggings, trousers or tights can always complete a nice cold winter day look with boots and a coat. Actually there’s no need to say anything else about it but of course we have the exceptions and brave fashion moves. Also you can style them up with different pieces of clothing to get the most of them! For all these and more visit our blog and read the articles.

Summer knits!

It’s not impossible to wear a knitted dress or top in spring or summer days. low cut crop tops of knitwear are perfect for the first half of spring time! You can wear them with trousers but if you want to shoot that final score you’d better give your skirts and shorts a chance. What about summer? Can we also wear them by the sea on the beach on a summer day! Well, No! But the metallic nearly transparent knitted dresses are definitely hot for summer parties.

Now that you’ve learned the basic rules, it’s time to get expert. Attend our fashion college in femme luxe blog by reading the articles of styling rules, history and emergencies. The more you read, the best you’ll look. So why are you waiting? A completely free fashion college with thousands of essays are ready for you. As coming to the material, your laboratory materials will be the clothes! The cheap fashionable clothing with its free guide is waiting for you ladies in femme luxe and the only thing that you should do is to look at the pictures, choose your favorite ones, get them and learn how to style them up with reading our articles. And that’s it! You’ll look fantastic.

Here at Femme Luxe Finery we have signature luxury knit fabric which is sure to set a shining example in all the colder months! We will make sure you look like the ultimate knit girl in our collection of the latest on-trend women's knitwear. A new season essential that is guaranteed to keep you looking on point whilst fighting off the chill. From chunky cable knits, fine layering pieces and throw on cardigans in oversized, Roll neck, jumper dress and figure flattering silhouette styles. Work it like a layer player and team your knits with a statement oversized coat and off-duty denim for a more every day style, or dress them up and pair a roll neck with a high waisted skirt and knee-high boots. Ace your layers and never be without a stand out knitted piece this season.

cheap women’s knitwear

When it comes to setting the bar high this winter many celebs have already conquered the kitted style, so be prepared to get a list ready which the cheap women’s knitwear available at femme luxe. Starting from simple autumn classics like a khaki tassel detailed jumper which automatically is a wardrobe must have, this statement piece of knitwear can easily transform a look from the cold winter blues to a warm festive autumn feel with a chunky knit and the right colour.

We know that most women tend to avoid chunky knit jumpers and instead let the cold air chill you to the bone or hide under a million layers to not feel or look like a frumpy old lady when you’re only in your 20 something’s, but that no longer needs to be the case. When trying to think of perfect knitwear ideas for all age groups and styles femme luxe hooked on to a winning idea. Keep the style and practicality or priority! With this in mind each jumper from our Bell Sleeve Extreme Hem Knit Jumper Dresses right through to our designer inspired Stripe Ruffle Hem Chunky Knit Cropped jumpers are made specifically to keep you cosy while looking good no matter what the weather may be doing.

perfect knitwear

The affordable women’s knitwear at femme luxe is simply unbeatable and unmatched on the high street to keep you well above trend. No style points are sacrificed when it comes to selecting knitwear at femme luxe. Why not keep it trendy in a late 90’s style romantic throwback such as the Front Wrap Knitted Jumper or the plated cable knit jumper. Luscious knitwear such as this is certain to be the latest trend this season and will definitely keep you in the spotlight.

No stress needs to used up when selecting your fave knitted pieces season with the high quality knitwear available from femme luxe. Capturing ever colour and style to compliment your skin tone figure and general aesthetic, Femme Luxe have you covered for knitted jumpers no matter what reason you may be needing them. Fall in love with the soft cosy knits in everything from chunky crop knits with the designer inspired green and red trim, right through to more edgy distressed knit jumpers and corset fronted jumpers. Figure flattering knitwear such as the corset front knitted jumper are idea all year round helping you to focus on your figure and relax in style looking effortlessly sophisticated.

The cheap women’s knitwear at femme luxe is an all essential must have for wardrobe updates during the colder months. If you want to stay firmly in style and still have all the warmth of the more ‘frumpy jumpers’ that we are used to, then femme luxe have exactly what it is you are looking for. Keep your style fresh to death in the cheap ladies knitwear that femme luxe have to offer this season. With constantly updating styles, you can guarantee your new number one favourite to come from us next!

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Brown Cable Knit Polo Neck Co-Ord Set - Parmis

Brown Cable Knit Polo Neck Co-Ord Set - Parmis

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White Cut Sleeve Knitted Co-ord - Sansa

White Cut Sleeve Knitted Co-ord - Sansa

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Pink Cut Sleeve Knitted Co-Ord - Sansa

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Neon Orange Ribbed Knit Leggins - Amara

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Neon Orange Ruffle Hem Chunky Knit Crop Jumper

Neon Orange Ruffle Hem Chunky Knit Crop Jumper

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Black Cable Knit Loungewear Set

Black Cable Knit Loungewear Set - Robina

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