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Are you wearing your maxi dresses by themselves and without any other side combinations? If yes, then I recommend you discovering their different uses and styling types. Read the article and learn how to do the crazy fashion jumps and hit the glory ceiling …

At this point, wearing your spaghetti strap maxi dresses with your sleeved shirts and t-shirts underneath is essential! Gaining more attention from 90’s to now, wearing the white plain t-shirts under nightdresses, is now getting popular to be worn under maxi dresses. Maybe that seems awkward but the style is not bad and also it looks very nice and trendy. The Kardashian – Jenner clan has already begun the trend. Kim’s black long sleeve shirt under her spaghetti strap black satin maxi dress is the best sign of this trend getting popular.

If you can’t desist wearing classic maxi dresses, then the floral and again spaghetti strap maxi dresses are going to be trendy again on summer and spring 2018. You can use them with these days’ popular trend, slogan t-shirts, and look casual and cool. Emma Watson’s graphic T-Shirt under a black lace floral maxi dress would be a good inspiration for those of you who love the trend.

Floral dresses can also be used in the combinations of bomber or puffy jackets. Here, you’ll have to add a super maxi dress (touching the ground) and a pair of high heel boots to your shopping list. Jessica Alba is the best example of this trend. She is like always wearing some jackets over a maxi dress! Just google her name and you’ll see all her casual looks like this! So if you want to do the style, you can get inspired from her to wear perfectly.

You can wear your maxi dresses with trousers! Just wear a long sleeve maxi dress (better be a shirt or blazer dress with buttons in front or a gold metallic cross over maxi dress) and leave the lower half buttons open to show your boyfriend jeans. Low heels and sport shoes would be the best choices for this combination. Of course Emma Watson is the again the best example for us in here. Her red maxi dress over her black pants and the floral white dress over denim jeans and the same colour stilettos she was wearing was one of the most eye-catching looks of her.

You can also make your maxi dress look like a skirt. Here you’ll need some flowing shirts. You can add a new function to your dress with wearing an oversized crop top or shirt over your maxi dress. But of course for completing up this look you’ll need a flowing denim or leather jacket for more assistance.

If the maxi dress you’ve chosen has a fit upper part but a flowing skirt and want to show your waist line, you can wear a short cut jacket over your dress. Here a biker jacket would be very trendy and nice over your dress.

So scroll down to our maxi dress gallery and do this crazy moves with them. Don’t forget to send your new ideas and pictures for us…


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Orange Bardot Ribbed Maxi Dress With Ruffle Detail

Orange Frill Detail Maxi Dress - Jaycee

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Orange Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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Black Frill Detail Maxi Dress - Jaycee

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Neon Yellow Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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White Crochet Maxi Dress - Karla

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White Fine Knit Cap Sleeve Maxi Dress - Emma

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Rose Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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White Frill Detail Maxi Dress - Jaycee

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Neon Pink Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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White Crochet One Shoulder Maxi Dress - Skylar

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Black Fine Knit Maxi Dress - Paige

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Black Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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Rainbow Stripe Belted Maxi Dress - Mavi

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Black One Shoulder Maxi Dress - Opal

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White Fine Knit Maxi Dress - Paige

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Black Stripe Maxi Dress - Tasha

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Black Mesh Glitter Side Split Maxi Dress

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Black Metallic Cross Over Maxi Dress - Hannah

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White Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

White Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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